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Evangelism, Church Planting & Church Growth

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Welcome to Amnos Ministries

Amnos Ministries exists to help see the UK and Europe reached with the Gospel. We have four main areas of ministry: Church Planting School, Arise Evangelism training, Intercede Prayer Meetings and the Inspire Bible Conference. 

Amnos Church Planting School is our primary ministry – a unique training college serving the UK and Europe. Our one-year Certificate in evangelism, church planting and church growth equips students via proactive lectures and practical experience. Through our extensive programme we seek to develop the necessary confidence in men and women for their God-given task and calling.

Our hope and prayer is that you’ll be inspired to join us. Enjoy the site and please get in touch if you are keen to reach others with the Good News of Jesus. We would love to hear from you.

“The harvest is ready, but the workers are few…” (Matt 9:38).

Based in Chalfont St Peter, UK, Amnos is evangelical and interdenominational.

Amnos Church Planting School

About the school

Thank you for your interest in the work of the School, our vision and God’s mission.

Amnos Church Planting School offers a unique one year course – from October to the following summer. The programme incorporates a practical church internship with graduation taking place in September.

Our goal, mission and focus is to train and equip Christian believers who are called to evangelism, church planting and church growth.

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Welcome to Amnos Church Planting School. Thank you for your interest in the work of the School, our vision and God’s mission.

Based in the Brentwood UK, Amnos Church Planting School is a unique year-long school that runs from October-June (end). Our goal, mission and focus is to train and equip Christian believers who are called to evangelismchurch planting and church growth. If you are interested in enrolling we would be keen to equip you in one, or ideally all, of these three areas.

It is important to us that each student is prepared practically and spiritually and has confidence for the task ahead. We emphasise a heart, head and hand approach (spiritual, academic and practical) in all we do.

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Our vision is to once more see the Good News of Jesus reaching out across Europe and the UK through: evangelism, church planting and church growth. Amnos exists to train and equip those who are called and willing. The Christian Church is growing in many countries around the world. However Europe is the only continent where the church has been experiencing rapid decline in the last seventy years. Thousands of churches have closed down in the UK alone and attendance is constantly falling!

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Our 1-year Course comprises three terms (October-June), and a church-based internship (July-September) at a healthy church in the UK or abroad.  Students are required to be in school all day on Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays during term dates.  This allows students who are eligible for work to do so on Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays.

Read on to find out more about the course content.

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Our Curriculum is designed to provide our students with practical training in three areas: EvangelismChurch Planting and Church Growth. We attempt to achieve the goal with a balanced emphasis on three areas of training: Spiritual (heart) Academic (head) and Practical (hand). We believe in church planting through evangelism, and church growth through evangelism. Therefore regular, continuous and prayerful outreach is non-negotiable. We also emphasise pastoral training as well as spiritual and character training, because effective pastoral ministry depends on the spirituality and character of a pastor.

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The curriculum will be delivered by various visiting lecturers as well as faculty members. We thank God for those who have already agreed to come to teach our students. Our Visiting Lecturers are excellent academic-practitioners from different continents. Between them they have a wealth of experience and knowledge in church planting and evangelism initiatives. In most cases the visiting lecturers will cover modules in 2-3 days. Their passion and heart to see the church re-established and growing in UK and Europe is inspiring. As we widen our network and partnership, we would be able to enjoy listening to more visiting lecturers in the coming years.

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You will need either a degree in theology from a recognised accredited course in the UK or elsewhere, or training related to Christian work, which in the view of the Principal provides an adequate basis for participation in the Course. In both cases you will need to provide evidence to satisfy the Principal that you have experience of Christian work.

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What Our Graduates Say

“The lectures are very organised and the lecturers pour out their lives so that we can learn from their expertise and experience.”

“I learned how to research, prepare and deliver and how to remain humble & serve God, as a leader. The course taught me how to approach people to share the gospel, even though I am shy by nature.”

I cannot express in words how this course has changed my life. I want to be like the lecturers – men & women of God – from whom I could see the love of God flow.

“It was an astonishing blessing and I grew spiritually in areas that I didn’t know were there! Amnos has the best teaching, ever!”

“Amnos has greatly impacted me and given me the necessary skills to fulfil my church planting vision. I now feel bolder and more confident to plant a church and go into mission”

“Amnos truly enriched my life, not only with the course content but with the lifelong friendships made both within and during outreach. I can sincerely recommend Amnos as a gateway to changing your life!”

“I was praying and seeking how to plant a church. Amnos was the best school for this – I was transformed into a confident evangelist, which is a most important foundation for planting a church.”

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