We are honoured to have Dr Peter Brierley and Rev Dr Derek Tidball as our Advisors. We are grateful for their time, generous advice and wise counsel.

Dr Peter Brierley

Dr Peter Brierley works full time as a consultant to churches and other Christian organisations under the name Brierley Consultancy. The aim of the Consultancy is to strengthen church leadership, in whatever way may be appropriate, by providing key data for strategic planning, including undertaking research projects. Peter was director of Christian Research from 1993 to 2007, and prior to that, director of MARC Europe for 10 years. During that time national church censuses were undertaken in which every church in England, Scotland and Wales was asked to give details of numbers attending on a typical Sunday. Peter has written 10 technical books on the results and implications of key research projects, and 4 more popular books on vision building, time management and other aspects of Christian leadership. He also leads seminars explaining the basics of his ideas. In 1972 Peter began UK Christian Handbook giving basic details of Christian agencies in the UK as well as providing statistical information on the changing nature of organisational life. From 1998 he has published detailed statistical information on denominations in the UK, first under the title Religious Trends, and now as UK Church Statistics.

Rev Dr Derek J. Tidball

Derek Tidball was the Principal of the London School of Theology (formerly London Bible College) for 12 years and has been on the staff of LST for a total of 26 years. A Past President of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, he has also served as the pastor of two local churches and as Head of the BU's Mission Department. He is widely involved in the leadership of a number of Christian agencies and is a Vice-President of the Evangelical Alliance as well a trustee and former chair of Network. Derek holds a PhD from Keele University and is a wide ranging author and a popular speaker at various conferences and conventions. He remains deeply involved in theological education and is a Visiting Scholar at Spurgeon's College.