Mission Statement of Amnos Ministries

The mission of Amnos Ministries is to contribute to the re-evangelisation of the UK and Europe.

We aim to work out this mission in four ways:

  1. by equipping church planters in Europe,
  2. by raising awareness of Europe’s spiritual climate and encouraging prayer support for Europe,
  3. by providing Christian workers to those churches that do not have sufficient pastoral personnel,
  4. by complementing existing theological institutions with spiritual, practical and financial input.

Why Europe?

Historically Europe was the birthplace of the Reformation, of the great revivals, of modern theologies and of the modern missionary movement. Today the story is very different. In the last half century thousands of churches have closed in the UK alone, and Europe’s churches have also experienced rapid decline. In fact, Europe has the lowest proportion of evangelicals in the world today. Europe, once a main force for mission, has now become a mission field!


Our secularised Europe needs to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ again. When the churches in the UK and Europe are strengthened, they will be able to reach out to the diverse communities in Europe and the rest of the world again with the gospel. Europe is still of strategic importance in the growth of God’s kingdom world-wide.

Why Amnos?

Amnos (άμνός) is a Greek word which means “the Lamb“.
In the New Testament it refers to Jesus Christ.
Jesus is:

  • the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world (Salvation: John 1:29);
  • the Passover Lamb who has been sacrificed (Sacrifice: 1 Cor 5:7);
  • the Lamb without blemish or defect (Purity: 1 Peter 1:19);
  • the Lamb who sits on the throne (Glory: Rev 7:10).

At Amnos Ministries, we aim to know Him and make Him known, especially focusing on His Salvation, Sacrifice, Purity and Glory.