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While Britain is littered with failing churches they are often in the wrong location or out of touch with the people who now live around them. There is an urgent need to plant new young, vibrant biblical communities in some areas and replant them in others. While enthusiasm is important, enthusiasm channelled by knowledge and experience is better still; hence, the significance of the work of Amnos under the proven and visionary leadership of Dr Daniel Chae which I warmly support.

Rev Dr Derek Tidball
Former Principal of London School of Theology
Past President of the Baptist Union of Great Britain

As a local Minister I can say that it has been a ‘breath of fresh air’ to the town of Brentwood having Amnos on board and having them part of the local church scene. You have been an encouragement and a blessing to the churches here in Brentwood.

Ps Peter Jordan
Senior Pastor, Sawyers Church