Church Growth

At Amnos we want to see the church grow and increase its numbers as we reach-out with the good news of Jesus. Encouraging existing churches through training is a vital strand of our work. We strongly dislike churches closing and therefore church revitalisation is a critical part of what we do. If your church is declining, or not gaining new believers, God could be calling you the task of revitalisation…

“If you are going to plant or revitalise a church, know in advance that even moderate church growth will become a burden if you haven’t developed the people who can help with the ministry. Don’t invest your efforts in bringing in more people before you have done the hard work of cultivating leaders.”

Mike McKinley

“If Jesus Christ is the head of the church and hence the source and goal of its entire life, true growth is only possible in obedience to Him. Conversely, if the church becomes detached from Jesus Christ and His Word, it cannot grow however active and successful it may seem to be.””

Os Guinness