Church Planting

At Amnos our ultimate end-goal is to see new churches planted by well-trained gospel entrepreneurs and therefore see the current trend of church decline reversed. Church planting for the spread of the Gospel and the ‘making of disciples’ is evident throughout the New Testament, post-Pentecost. Rob Warner states that, “Church planting was fundamental to the apostolic strategy for reaching the world with the gospel.”

Inspirationally C. Peter Wagner has noted that “The single most effective evangelistic methodology under heaven is planting new churches.” By reading the ‘Report on the Decade of Evangelism’ we find that Wagner’s claim is solid and convincing for “Statistics show that church plants are 16 times more effective at winning new converts than established ones.”

Planting new churches is always hard work and yet is simpler than many think. Our graduates often say how much confidence they have gained from the course as they are equipped. Amnos presents a sustainable model that enables an individual to plant from scratch with minimal funding. We need more planters, could God be calling you today?