cirriculumOur Curriculum is designed to provide our students with practical training in three areas: Evangelism, Church Planting and Church Growth. We attempt to achieve the goal with a balanced emphasis on three areas of training: Spiritual (heart) Academic (head) and Practical (hand). We believe in church planting through evangelism, and church growth through evangelism. Therefore regular, continuous and prayerful outreach is non-negotiable. We also emphasise pastoral training as well as spiritual and character training, because effective pastoral ministry depends on the spirituality and character of a pastor.

The modules are taught by international lecturers who are academic practitioners (see Lecturers profiles). All modules will be taught from a practical perspective – applicable and useable in pastoral ministry. Our practical modules (including regular outreach and a Church-Based Internship) are integrated into the curriculum as we believe that holistic spiritual, academic and practical training is essential for church planters and pastors.



Curriculum Plan for Amnos Church Planting School

  1. Biblical Training (BT)
    • 111 The Life and Ministry of the Early Churches
    • 121 Doctrine of the Church: Colossians
    • 131 The Principles and Strategies for Church Planting in Acts
    • 141 Biblical Basis for Mission and Evangelism
    • 151 Bible Book Studies: Habakkuk, Matthew, Romans
    • 161 Hermeneutics and Bible Overviews
  2. Spiritual and Character Training (ST)
    • 211 Spiritual Life and Community
    • 221 Prayer Life
    • 231 Spiritual Formation: Jesus and Church Planting
    • 241 Spiritual Leadership & Accountability
    • 251 Movements of Revival
    • 261 Character Formation: Jesus & Paul
    • 271 Qualities of a Pastor-Disciple
  3. Evangelism Training (ET)
    • 311 Mandate of Evangelism
    • 321 Practical Evangelistic Methods
    • 331 Practical Outreaches
    • 341 Christian Apologetics
    • 351 Study of Other Religions
    • 361 Church and Culture in Britain
    • 371 Overview of the Church in Britain
  4. Church Planting and Revitalising Training (CT)
    • 411 Church Planting Essentials
    • 421 Marks of a Healthy Church
    • 431 Church Planting Movements
    • 441 Case Studies of Church Planting or Revitalising
    • 451 Bi-Vocational Ministries
    • 461 Written Project: ‘My Church Planting Plan’ or ‘My Ministry Plan’
  5. Church Growth Training (GT)
    • 511 Preparation and Preaching of Sermons
    • 521 Pastoral Theology: 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus
    • 531 Principles for Effective Pastoral Ministry
    • 541 Practical Leadership
    • 551 Raising Leadership through Discipleship and Mentoring
    • 561 Leadership Development: Lessons from Jesus and Paul
    • 571 Church Growth through Small Groups
    • 572 Church Growth through Evangelism
    • 581 Church Management (Admin and Crises)
    • 591 Case Studies of Pastoral Ministries
    • 592 Church-Based Internship