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“I have had two very fruitful days, with a lot of good interaction from the students. Many important questions were raised and I was impressed by the commitment to the gospel amongst the students! I thank God for the Amnos initiative and pray for His continual blessings!”

Mr Stefan Gustavsson (Director of the Credo Academy, Stockholm and General Secretary of the Swedish Evangelical Alliance)

“What a glorious vision! You’re off to a great start and the Lord of Church Planting will establish His purpose at Amnos. We are so excited about this new partnership.”

Pastor Eunice Banke Olowoyo (Dynamic Church Planting International, London)

“I feel that everything went well and the teaching/training/outreach was well received. A great start! Hopefully, with the LORD’s blessing, what we covered will be useful and fruitful. I’m glad to be a part of what God is doing through Amnos. Watch this space!”

Mr Mickey Walker (Evangelist, with Operation Mobilisation for over 40 years)

“The students were very active and eager to learn. I am so glad that God is sending such students every year according to His pleasing will.”

Dr Bong-kee Cho (Professor, Cambodia Presbyterian Seminary)

“Well pursuing the pertinent balance between theory (theology) and practice (devotion) is proven in official class, daybreak prayer meeting and private fellowship time. Their participating in the given classes was impressive, so sincere and absorbing. Personally, I enjoyed with a fullest satisfaction and encouragement. Seeing is believing!”

Prof Jin Sup Kim (Vice-President, Baekseok University, Seoul, Korea; President, Society for reformed Life Theology)

“What a real joy and privilege to be able to come and share with you. This is a great vision and I pray God’s rich blessing on what you are doing here. My prayer is that Amnos might flourish and grow and that through its ministry many churches might be planted for the glory of God, both in the UK and in Europe.”

Mr Chris Jack (Acting Principal of London School of Theology)

“The students were excellent – attentive, engaging and involved in discussing and questions. They were unusually mature, experienced and well informed group and it was a joy connecting with them. I was enormously blessed and I felt greatly appreciated.”

Ps Dr Philip Lyn Senior Pastor, Skyline SIB Church, Malaysia

“It was a good group of students and praise God for all the visitors who swelled up the class. The students were attentive and engaged well in group discussions.”

Rev Canon George Kovoor, Principal of Trinity College Bristol

“The DCPI training worked well within the Amnos student schedule. The very fact that Church Planting Essentials is taught within the context of a larger year-long training process makes it more than viable.”

Rev Doug Klein Senior Pastor of Faith Presbyterian Church, Colorado

“We had a far ranging discussion on many aspects of church and culture in the UK with full participation by the majority of students who brought their life experience to bear on the issue.”

Dr Chris Wigram International Director of the European Christian Mission

“The Lord of Church Planting will establish all that are in Him concerning you and strengthen you to fulfil it in Jesus name. Isaiah 49:9-10. We appreciate the friendship, partnership and relationship. God bless.”

Pastor Yomi Olowoyo (Dynamic Church Planting International, London)

“A very attentive and interactive group, who were appreciative of learning about different facets of leadership. I enjoyed teaching this group.”

Mr Bernd Gulker CEO, Geschenke der Hoffnung, Berlin, Germany

“An enthusiastic group who applied themselves well to every aspect of this training – both the theoretical understanding and the practical skills. It was a pleasure to work with them and give them an introduction to ministry with children.”

Mr Julian Wolton Operation Mobilisation

“A very receptive and teachable group! Their minds are now open to all that God wants to do. They were very keen and fired up to do evangelism and advance God’s Kingdom. There is great potential in the group; we will see what God will do.”

Dr Daniel Ho Elder & Founding Senior Pastor, DUMC, Malaysia