Students’ Perspectives

2017-2018 Testimony

Almaz Kifle

“The lectures are very organised and the lecturers pour out their lives so that we can learn from their expertise and experience.”

Almaz Kifle, Student, 2017-18

Margaret Chiadzwa

“I learned how to research, prepare and deliver and how to remain humble & serve God, as a leader. The course taught me how to approach people to share the gospel, even though I am shy by nature.”

Margaret Chiadzwa, Student, 2017-18

Raymond Thorne

“I cannot express in words how this course has changed my life. I want to be like the lecturers – men & women of God – from whom I could see the love of God flow.”

Raymond Thorne, Student, 2017-18

Treciaus Chitsika

“It was an astonishing blessing and I grew spiritually in areas that I didn’t know were there! Amnos has the best teaching, ever!”

Treciaus Chitsika, Student, 2017-18

2015-2016 Testimony

“Amnos has greatly impacted me and given me the necessary skills to fulfil my church planting vision. I now feel bolder and more confident to plant a church and go into mission”

Elizabeth Williams, Student, 2015-16

“Amnos truly enriched my life, not only with the course content but with the lifelong friendships made both within and during outreach. I can sincerely recommend Amnos as a gateway to changing your life!”

David James, Student, 2015-16

“I was praying and seeking how to plant a church. Amnos was the best school for this – I was transformed into a confident evangelist, which is a most important foundation for planting a church.”

Young-Joo Lee, Student, 2015-16

2014-2015 Testimony

“I have learned a lot from those around me. I have gained character training from the lecturers, who inspire me to inspire others.”

Vivian Agboola, Student, 2014-15

“Amnos has been the kind of place that I have been searching for for a long time. The vision that I had has been propelled in a different direction. I thank God for being part of Amnos.”

Akpene Yao Quist, Student, 2014-15

“Amnos is a very special family – very unique! When I come to school I get teaching from special people who sow into our lives. I really love being part of this ministry, which is preparing me with full confidence.”

Ps Jonathan Wade, Student, 2014-15

2013-2014 Testimony

Ann-Marie Spence

“What a privilege, what a blessing and how special to be a part of God’s plan to bring His Kingdom to come on earth. I couldn’t wait to be at the lectures, to share in the wisdom, knowledge and experience of the lecturers. I feel like I have been lifted from the ground and polished. The Lord has changed my life through the love, wisdom and grace that abounds at Amnos. My prayer life and love of the scriptures has intensified and I am praying about the next season with regard to further study, painting and church planting.”

Ann-Marie Spence, Student, 2013-14

Winky Newman

“I really treasure the wonderful months with the Amnos family and I would love to relive the unparalleled experience once more. Every one of the motivational lecturers shared a wealth of servant-hood experiences and case studies, which were packed full of signs, wonders and miracles.
I was absolutely invigorated by the many celebratory testimonials through which my trust and confidence in the Lord was elevated, as he guided my steps into His divine purpose. I found myself drawing closer to Him; my relationship with the Master of my life has deepened and extended to a new sphere. I have been hugely blessed by Amnos, and I am confident to say that I had never experienced such a distinctive learning prior to this, not even with my 2 years at Bible College.”

Winky Newman, Student, 2013-14

2012-2013 Testimony

Emmanuel Adeshina

“I thank God for ordering my steps to join the Amnos Church Planting School course, which has caused me to change and that, in turn, has made a great difference to my ministry as a pastor and to our church as a whole.”

Rev Emmanuel Adeshina, Student, 2012-13, and Senior Pastor, His Divine Power Ministries, Manchester

Kalbi Massey

“I am delighted to share that the training at Amnos Church Planting School has far exceeded my expectations. Already I can see the hand of God transforming my character and personality, to be the person that He has called me to be. I am learning so much about Spirituality, Character training, Evangelism and Pastoral care. I absolutely love and always look forward to attending each study session, which is always varied with excellent teaching from lecturers of different backgrounds and experiences. One of the great aspects of this course is to have the opportunity not only to study, but to have the chance to put into practice all we learn through practical evangelism. I find this to be very exciting and valuable.”

Kalbi Massey, Student, 2012-13

2011-2012 Testimony

Andrew Franklin

“The Principal, the staff and all the lecturers have been absolutely fantastic through the year.”

Andrew Franklin, Student, 2011-12

Ben Carman

“We have heard from amazing lecturers who have poured into us a life’s worth of experience and advice to help us on our journey.”

Ben Carman, Student, 2011-12

Joshua Sijuwade

“I can truly say that joining Amnos was most likely the best decision of my life. All the expectations that I had going into the school have been met. I have since found God’s direction for my life.”

Joshua Sijuwade, Student, 2011-12

Shelter Seanehia

“My challenge is for pastors and leaders to get our churches and chapels open for regular prayer. My growing burden is to help to build and encourage multi-culturalism as a biblical model for church.”

Shelter Seanehia, Student, 2011-12

Report October to December 2011

By Andy Franklin, Student, 2011-12

We hope you enjoy reading a report of the first ever term of Amnos CPS from a student’s perspective.

These are the Subjects / Topics and they are listed below in Chronological Order, with the Lecturer’s name and what we have learned.

Pastoral Theology 1 Doctrine of the Church.        (Dr Meidre Cleminson; 6 Sessions)

We began by looking at our ‘Views of Reality’ exploring how the move from pre to post modernism has affected not just the society that we live in now but the Church in this nation as well. From there we began to look specifically at the Church and especially Pastoral Theology within the Church, what is it, who is responsible for it, has it changed and if so why? Have these changes been good, are they Biblical or should we rediscover some of the truths that our forefathers had?

I really enjoyed learning why as a society we have arrived where we are and some of the reasons and ideas behind that move.  Also for me with a background in the harsh world of finance, the whole subject of pastoral care is like a green field site, just waiting to be explored for the first time!!!

Pastoral Theology 3 Timothy & Titus         (Mrs Carolyn Linnecar; 4 Sessions)

Starting in the general area of hermeneutics and exegesis we looked first at the apostle Paul, what were the influences on him, what drove him, his passions etc before looking at Timothy and Titus. Who were they, what were their backgrounds, and what were Paul’s instructions to them, particularly in the area of pastoral care. Finally how this is applicable to us.

Being as I am motivated and intrigued to learn and understand more about the Bible, and how instructions delivered so many years ago are still be relevant today, I found these sessions both informational, topical and interesting.

The Principles and Strategies for Church Planting in Acts            (Dr Daniel Chae; 12 Sessions)

Over the sessions we have systematically worked our way through the book of Acts, looking at such things as the emphasis of Jesus’s recorded teaching between His Resurrection and His Ascension, the main reason for the persecution that the early disciples endured, how and why the Gospel spread not just in a geographical sense, but also to different people groups. Finally we carefully looked at how Paul started new Churches and how he then maintained them.

As Dr Chae is our Principal I have to be very careful about what I write!!! On a serious note, we have all really enjoyed these sessions, seeing and understanding things we had never seen before. However as we finally looked at Paul the Church Planter, I personally was really struck how well some of the other subjects and topics we had already covered this term, were complimented as we carefully followed how Paul had founded and established his Churches.

Church Planting 3      DCPI Church Planting Essentials      (Pastor Eunice Olowoyo; 12 Sessions)

This was very intense teaching as we learnt about the Biblical Principles of Church Planting from PastorOlowoyo and her team of experienced church planters. They suggested there are 12 Biblical Principles, which we studied carefully, and the main emphasis of any Church, new or otherwise, must make evangelism and discipleship the absolute priority  with Church Planting also built into the Church’s DNA from the very beginning.

For me, I enjoyed not just the learning, and the fact it was so challenging, but also that it was very exciting as I began to see not just the theoretical, but also the practical possibility of planting a new Church.  Again as we looked at these priorities, the glaring need for many new Churches to be planted in this nation built on these Biblical Principles is so apparent.

Prayer Life      (Dr Bong-Gi Cho; 8 Sessions)

The goal of these sessions was to let us know of the necessity for stronger prayers and lead us into stronger, in-depth and life-changing prayer.

Dr Cho won the prize for coming the furthest to teach us, travelling incredibly from Cambodia!!! We had a fantastic time as we learned not just about prayer, but also as we were tremendously inspired listening to his extraordinary life story moulded, and led by prayer. Especially memorable was the teaching on ‘strong’ prayer and one practical outcome for me is I now have a prayer list, which contains at the last count 89 people and 19 other things I pray for daily.

Community Life and Discipleship     (Chris Jack; 4 Sessions)

We began by looking at discipleship, what is it, why is it so important, the conditions attached to it and everything involved in being a disciple. We then moved on to explore our own spirituality and the relationship between our inner lives and discipleship.

What a feast of excellent teaching and so much imparted in such a short space of time. Apart from anything else the information that we have received will form the basis of our discipleship priorities in our new Church Plants.

Evangelism, Evangelism Methods and Outreach   (Mickey Walker; 16 Sessions)

The foundation was laid as to why, whom and by whose authority we are to evangelise. Also it’s crucial importance. We then looked at ways to engage with people, including using sketch boards. After that we went out on the streets to put into practice what we had learnt.

For me it has been inspirational to listen to someone who has been doing open preaching on the front line for nearly 30 years, and to the stories he has of witnessing to real people and hearing how, though the results might take years to see, there is real tangible fruit produced by the seed sown. Also I have learnt two extremely effective ways of presenting the Gospel which I am now putting into effect in my witnessing.

New Approaches to Church Planting        (Peter Farmer; 8 Sessions)

We started by looking at the Principles behind Church Planting Movements and how Jesus had sent out the 12 and 72 disciples. We did this by using an extremely effective form of Biblical Discovery and through it we discovered a Pioneer Process. Again in that we found 7 keys including looking for people of peace, equipping them and encouraging them that they also, by a process of Biblical Discovery, might reach out to their spheres of influence, not just by presenting Jesus to them but also taking them through a process of discipleship.

Again it was inspirational to listen to practitioners not just teaching theory but also relating stories of how they have put these principles into practice. Biblical discovery is an extremely effective tool which I am now starting to use as indeed I will use the Pioneer Process in my future Church Planting plans.


“My first term at Amnos was exciting and challenging. Sound biblical teaching and discoveries ALWAYS with practical application delivered by practising theologians. We are being equipped to disciple and plant warm churches that will keep planting.”

Rev Shelter Seanehia, Student, 2011-12