Church Planting School




Church Planting School

Amnos Church Planting School is one of only a few schools of its type in the UK, seeking to provide a training resource for those called to engage in Christian church planting and church growth through proactive evangelism. Our 1-year Course comprises three terms (October-June), and a church-based Internship (between July-September).

Our curriculum is based on four main pillars of training: spiritual, evangelism, pastoral and character training, undergirded by Biblical studies. The teaching will be delivered by academic-practitioners from different continents. Between them they have a wealth of experience and knowledge in church planting and evangelism initiatives.

Church Planting School

The Man Who Planted Trees: by Jean Giono

This is a very short book—only about 4000 words long. Yet it is a most powerful book, written by one of the greatest writers in France.

It tells the extraordinary true story of Elezeard Bouffier, a shepherd, who planted 100 seeds a day in the foothills of the Alps near Provence, anticipating only 1% of those seeds he was planting would grow into trees. He persistently planted the seeds for decades throughout the first half of the 20th century. This shepherd’s long and singlehanded effort successfully achieved the re-afforestation of a desolate valley.

You can read the story from