Our Curriculum is based on four main pillars undergirded by Biblical studies: spiritual training, evangelism training, pastoral training and character training. In addition, practical modules (including regular outreaches and a Church-Based Internship) are integrated into the curriculum as we believe that holistic training, both academic and practical, is essential for church planters and future ministers.


Curriculum Plan for Amnos Church Planting School

  1. Biblical Studies (BS)
    • BS-111 The Life and Ministry of the Early Churches
    • BS-121 Doctrine of the Church: Colossians
    • BS-131 The Principles and Strategies for Church Planting in Acts
    • BS-141 Biblical Basis for Mission
    • BS-151 The Truth of the Gospel: Romans
    • BS-161 Habakkuk
    • BS-171 Matthew
    • BS-181 Hermeneutics
  2. Spiritual Training (ST)
    • ST-211 Spiritual Life and Community
    • ST-221 Prayer Life
    • ST-231 Spiritual Formation 1: Jesus and Church Planting
    • ST-232 Spiritual Formation 1: Paul
    • ST-241 Marks of a Spiritual Leader
    • ST-251 Movements of Revival
  3. Evangelism Training (ET)
    • ET-311 Defending the Faith – Christian Apologetics
    • ET-321 Evangelistic Messages
    • ET-322 Evangelistic Preaching
    • ET-323 Evangelistic Preaching – Practical Training
    • ET-331 Evangelistic Methods 1: Personal Evangelism
    • ET-332 Evangelistic Methods 2: Neighbourhood Outreach – Door to Door
    • ET-333 Evangelistic Methods 3: Practical Methods
    • ET-341 Understanding Our Time – Cultural Analysis
    • ET-342 UK Church and Culture
    • ET-343 An Overview of The Church in Britain
    • ET-351 Practice of Evangelism: Practical Outreaches
    • ET-361 Study of Other Religions and World Views
    • ET-371 Church Planting 1: New Approaches
    • ET-372 Church Planting 2: Church Planting Movements
    • ET-373 Church Planting 3: DCPI Church Planting Essentials
    • ET-374 Church Planting Case Studies
    • ET-381 Modern Missionary Movements in Europe
  4. Pastoral Training (PT)
    • PT-411 Pastoral Theology 1: Marks of a Healthy Church
    • PT-412 Pastoral Theology 2: Timothy and Titus
    • PT-413 Pastoral Theology 3: Pastoral Care (Basic Counselling)
    • PT-421 Development and Delivery of Messages: Preaching Seminars
    • PT-431 Leadership Development: Lessons from Jesus and Paul
    • PT-432 Leadership and Accountability
    • PT-441 Making Disciples
    • PT-442 Raising Leadership through Discipleship and Mentoring
    • PT-451 Church Growth through Small Groups
    • PT-452 Church Management (Managing Changes and Crises)
    • PT-461 Effective Principles for Pastoral Ministry
    • PT-471 Bi-Vocational Ministries
    • PT-481 Ministry Case Studies
    • PT-491 Church-Based Internship 1: Orientation
    • PT-492 Church-Based Internship 2: Field Training
  5. Character Training (CT)
    • CT-511 Character Formation: Jesus
    • CT-512 Character Formation: Paul
    • CT-521 Qualities of a Pastor Disciple
    • CT-531 Shared Practical Work
  6. Projects Modules (PM)
    • PM-610 Strategic Research Projects:
      • PM-611 The State of the Church in the UK and Europe
      • PM-612 Church-Based Internship Project Report
    • PM-620 Strategic Planning:
      • PM-621 My Church Planting/Revitalising Plan
      • PM-622 Prayer Items to Pray for your Own Church Plant