Our vision is to take part a vital role in re-evangelising the UK and Europe by equipping church planters in EuropeThe Church of Christ is growing all around the world, except in Europe! Europe’s churches have experienced a rapid decline in the last half century. Thousands of churches have been closed down in the UK alone.

The best way to make the mountain green again when many old trees die is to plant new trees and cultivate them well. There is an urgent need for training in evangelism, church planting, church growth and pastoral work.


We launched Amnos Church Planting School on 1 October 2011. This is an exciting interdenominational initiative which will provide students with practical training in evangelism and pastoral work. Our lecturers are practitioner-academics, who have hearts to re-establish God’s kingdom in Europe. Our curriculum is designed to promote and carry out regular, continuous and prayerful outreach. In this way we aim to establish new congregations or to strengthen small churches during the Course. The overall aim is to equip and enable our graduates to plant new healthy churches or revitalise existing ones after the Course.

We look forward to welcoming you to Amnos Church Planting School, to praying and working together to re-establish the kingdom of God in Europe. I would love to hear from you.

Rev Daniel Chae, PhD
Amnos Church Planting School