Getting involved

You can also get actively involved with our ministry in a number of ways.

Become an Advocate

You can be our Advocate by passing on the vision and work of Amnos Ministries to your friends and contacts. You may like to introduce your friends and network to us for us to contact them. We would like to link with ministries that are committed to evangelism and church planting especially in Europe.

Join Our Outreach

Our students will be carrying out different outreach and pastoral programmes in the wider communities of Essex and east London on a weekly basis. We would love to see local churches get involved by sending teams to join the students when they go out to share the gospel. There will be opportunities for Christians to help alongside our student teams in church growth programmes and we would be delighted to hear from you if you would like to assist with this work.

Invite Outreach Teams

Perhaps you would like to invite and host the students to run a particular outreach or evangelism programme in your area within the UK? If you have a burning desire to let the good news be known to your local community but until now felt that you did not have enough manpower or ideas, our students can provide that support.

Invite for a Presentation

Maybe your church would be interested in hearing about Amnos Ministries and why it’s so important for us to work to reverse the trend of church decline in the UK and Europe. If so please contact us so we can seek to bring to you our insights in this area.

Host an Intern

Or if you would value more of a longer-term support in your church to develop a particular ministry or address a need, our students can be released to help your church in the form of an internship programme lasting up to three months from July to September.

Please get in touch if you or your church would like to get involved. We would love to hear from you.